Tax return

The tax return is actually intended for all of us in the Netherlands, a role player in our lives, whether you are a private individual or an entrepreneur does not matter very much. We are all familiar with the annual income tax, but besides this there are a number of other returns. If you fill out these returns incorrectly or without using any deductions that apply to you, it can sometimes save you a lot of money. We are happy to help you with these different types of tax returns with our knowledge of tax and our up-to-date knowledge of the tax system. We specialize in saving you and your company money, that's what accountants stand for!

Please note that sometimes it can cost you a lot of money if you do not submit your declaration or not on time, or if you have not kept any accounts!

What tax returns are there?

  • Income tax

  • Sales tax (VAT declaration)

  • Corporation tax

  • Dividend tax

  • Payroll tax / national insurance contributions


For whom applies:

Private and entrepreneur

  • Income tax: Anyone with an income in the Netherlands.

Only entrepreneurs

  • Turnover tax: Self-employed and sole proprietorships

  • Corporate Tax: Private Company, Limited Company, Limited Partnership, Cooperative, European NV and Ltd. and mutual insurance companies

  • Payroll tax: Any form of business that employs staff, including trainees.


  • Dividend tax: Shareholders of companies incorporated in the Netherlands

We are happy to help you with your declarations.

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