Financial administration

Your organization is obliged to keep track of and store all financial transactions and data in a structured manner for 7 years. For example, your organization can account for the finances to the tax authorities or perhaps other authorities. In addition to all this, it is important for your organization that there is an overview of profit or loss, and what must be paid or received.

What you can understand under financial accounting include:

  • Organize your accounting in software

  • Contracts, agreements and other understandings

  • Note on your purchase and sales journal

  • Invoices received and sent

  • Bank statements

  • Control calculations

  • cash administration and receipts

  • payroll

If your financial administration is in order,

you quickly gain insight into figures, such as your turnover, profit and costs.

This way you can steer your company where necessary.

The best way to organize your finances:

  1. Tax annual accounts

  2. Financial financial statements

  3. Financial analyzes and reports


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